iPad Becomes the Fastest Rising Gaming Platform

I remember way back early in the year 2000 where gaming consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation had been on top in the market. They probably took 80% of the market share in the past but now? They are 40% down. Even though iPad was not around 1 and half years ago, it has been the fastest rising gaming platform according to Electronic Arts (EA Games) CEO John Riccitiello.

“I would argue that there’s more to be provided in terms of value for the consumer in micro-transactions and social experiences and driving those better in cross-platform gameplay between a console and a PC and a handheld device and a social network than there is supercharging graphics”.

As the rumor regarding the next generation iPads (probably iPad 3) to possess a Retina Display gets stronger, no wonder Apple will stay on top in the market for some time.

How interested are you with the upcoming iPad later this year?


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