Apple Ad: Santa Claus is Using Siri on iPhone 4S

Many times when Apple made an advertisement, most of them really stick on people’s mind. Take a look of their new TV ad that portrays Santa Claus using Siri on iPhone 4S to do his job. One of the best reasons why Apple has still the number one selling smartphone is because of Siri, the … Continue reading

Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple, Inc. had Passed Away

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Just one day after the launching of the latest iPhone 4S, Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. An untimely death of Apple’s co-founder and visionary who revolutionized modern culture and changed forever the world’s relationship to technology through the inventions of Apple gadgets (iDevices) such as iPhones, iPods … Continue reading

“Let’s Talk iPhone” – Apple’s October 4th iPhone Event

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Apple has now made it official. The event this coming October 4, 2011 at the Infinite Loop, Cupertino CA Headquarters will soon end the different speculations regarding the rumors of the alleged next generation iPhone. The event will start at 10 a.m.  Pacific Time.

iPad Becomes the Fastest Rising Gaming Platform

I remember way back early in the year 2000 where gaming consoles such as Nintendo and Playstation had been on top in the market. They probably took 80% of the market share in the past but now? They are 40% down. Even though iPad was not around 1 and half years ago, it has been the fastest rising gaming platform according to Electronic Arts (EA Games) CEO John Riccitiello.

“I would argue that there’s more to be provided in terms of value for the consumer in micro-transactions and social experiences and driving those better in cross-platform gameplay between a console and a PC and a handheld device and a social network than there is supercharging graphics”.

As the rumor regarding the next generation iPads (probably iPad 3) to possess a Retina Display gets stronger, no wonder Apple will stay on top in the market for some time.

How interested are you with the upcoming iPad later this year?

My Friend wants to Sell his Android Phone

When I went to work this morning, my friend approached me this… “Can you sell my Sony Ericson XPeria X10i to anyone?” When I asked his reason, he just laughed and told me, “I want to buy an iPhone 4!”

There’s no doubt that the Android market share is now declining. In fact, more and more people are switching from Android to iOS.

By the way, here’s the picture of my friend’s Android phone. For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit the ad I posted. Thanks.


Why I Love Apple Gadgets

I guess I am not just the only one who really are of great fan with Apple products. Why I love Apple gadgets? This is the reason why I am making this blog because I want to share my thoughts to everyone out there who are a little bit skeptical with the iDevices they have or about to have. Please follow my blog for more details, app reviews, guides and many more!