How to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

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Nothing’s more exciting (for us iDevices’ users) than to jailbreak the latest version of the iOS. I am so glad and thankful that the Chronic-Dev Team had released the latest jailbreaking tool for the iOS 5.1.1. It’s called, Absinthe 2.0. The same like its previous version, Absinthe 2.0 is very easy to use. The following … Continue reading

Apple Ad: Santa Claus is Using Siri on iPhone 4S

Many times when Apple made an advertisement, most of them really stick on people’s mind. Take a look of their new TV ad that portrays Santa Claus using Siri on iPhone 4S to do his job. One of the best reasons why Apple has still the number one selling smartphone is because of Siri, the … Continue reading

This Jailbreak Tweak will Change your Carrier Name

Hello everyone! Today, I will share a quick review on FakeCarrier, a jailbreak tweak that will change the carrier name in your iPhone. Although this tweak doesn’t proved to be very useful in terms of features, there are times you also might need them to trick your friends.

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SBSettings will take Control of your iPhone Settings

If you can observed, navigating to your iPhone Settings can take a lot of time even when you just want to turn Off/ON your 3G connection. This is what I also noticed when I first used an iPhone. But thanks to the jailbreak community, the tweak developers have an answer for this.
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What to do after you Jailbreak your iPhone and other iDevices [Video Update]

What’s next? Probably you will ask after you jailbreak your iPhone 4 (or any model). Well, basically you need to install an application to be able to download free apps in the web for your iPhone. In this topic, I am going to discuss on how to install INSTALLOUS (the application you need to download cracked apps) from Cydia in the easiest possible manner. This procedure is applicable for any jailbroken iDevices.

  1. Fire up Cydia from your iPhone and tap “Manage” and then “Sources”.
  2. Click “edit” and “add”.
  3. Type in the box “” and click on “add source”.
  4. After adding the source, go back to Cydia and search for “Installous 4.”
  5. Install the latest version of Installous (which is 4.4.2 in time of my writing). Tap confirm to proceed.
  6. When this will be successful, you will now have a new icon for Installous. Press home button and tap to open installous.

Use Installous to search for the applications/games you need to fully enjoy your iPhone. You can browse to all applications available on the web or by the categories of which the apps are being sorted.

The following video will show you how to jailbreak an iPad 2, the same procedure for other iDevices.

Now you can start downloading for your favorite games or applications without the worry of paying them, as long as it is available on Installous.

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Why I Love Apple Gadgets

I guess I am not just the only one who really are of great fan with Apple products. Why I love Apple gadgets? This is the reason why I am making this blog because I want to share my thoughts to everyone out there who are a little bit skeptical with the iDevices they have or about to have. Please follow my blog for more details, app reviews, guides and many more!