Customize your lockscreen with CustomLock

“Why do you need to jailbreak your iPhone?” This is a question a lot of people usually ask me and I will answer them with “Because you can customize your iPhone if it’s jailbroken.” They nod their head as if they knew what I mean but I honestly know they are skeptical on what I am talking about.

The reason I launched this website is to help people understand all about jailbreaking an iDevice (or Apple devices) in the simplest word possible. Today, I want to share one of my favorite Cydia tweaks that I am always using on my iPhone 4. The tweak is called CustomLock. As its name suggest, it customize your lockscreen by replacing the time and date portion into text of your choice. Yes, with CustomLock you can do it easily.

To install CustomLock in your iDevice, launch Cydia and search for “CustomLock.” Tap install and confirm to proceed. After installing, you should now have a CustomLock option in your Settings App as shown below.

You can then change your Custom Text for the Clock Settings and Subtitle Settings like I have mine in the image above.

After setting the desired texts, try to lock your iPhone by pressing the Sleep button. You should now see your lockscreen with your customized text.

How do you like CustomLock as a jailbreak tweak? Let me know of your comments by writing below.


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