SBSettings will take Control of your iPhone Settings

If you can observed, navigating to your iPhone Settings can take a lot of time even when you just want to turn Off/ON your 3G connection. This is what I also noticed when I first used an iPhone. But thanks to the jailbreak community, the tweak developers have an answer for this.

The tweak is called SBSettings. It brings an easy and faster way of enabling/disabling features like 3G connection, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. It can be launched by swiping your status bar from left to right, thus it’s not the same with other apps which have icons on the springboard. So, even if you are using other applications, you can launch SBSettings as long as you can see the status bar.

To install SBSettings, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone since you will download it through Cydia. Search for “SBSettings” and tap INSTALL. Confirm to start installing and wait for your iPhone to reboot.

To launch SBSettings, swipe your status bar from left to right with your finger and you can now see toggle switches for your connection settings. More themes for SBSettings can be found in Cydia.

Enjoy more your iPhone with this useful tweak. Don’t forget to share my page to anyone if you like it.



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